Real Stories: Read Jessica’s story as she struggles to regain stability in Atlanta

Jessica is a 28 year old Caucasian female who is the mother of three children. Jessica is recently here in Atlanta from Boston, Massachusetts where she has lived the majority of her life.  Jessica has three children but is only here with her 7 year old son Jeffrey (other children 2 years and 7 months).   She entered into Solomon’s Temple on 10/13/2015 for transitional housing services. Prior to her admission, she and her son were residing at the small apartment of a friend. The friend referred her to ST.

At the beginning of Feb 2015 Jessica faced a housing eviction from her subsidized apartment complex of 4 years in Boston where she paid $383 per month because of an unauthorized visitor (her current husband). The subsidy did not allow for a family unit that included her husband.  However, she reports that when she went to court, she was told she was being evicted because of non-payment of rent.  She did not retain any records for backup when attending court.  Jessica noted that she lived from house to house with several relatives until there was no more family support.  She then attempted to go into a shelter in Boston via Department of Transitional Assistance DTA but was denied based on the fact that the court eviction records showed non-payment of rent.

She and her husband had planned to move to Atlanta prior to the eviction to start a new life, so she came here to get a job and get settled.  Her husband is still in Boston with the two younger children.  Jessica said she only has experience as a cashier, and her husband does construction.
Jessica’s son currently takes medication for ADHD and can only function when on medication.  She is currently almost out of medication and needing to transfer his benefits to Georgia so that she can replenish his medication. Real stories like these happen all the time to good people who simply don’t have the means to change their financial status, causing families to become homeless. Help Solomon’s Temple create a lasting change through training programs to help our  residence qualify for better paying jobs to gain stability.

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