Family Empowerment Institute (FEI)

Family Empowerment Institute (FEI) is designed to empower and support in-tact families in the area of financial literacy for parent and child, parenting empowerment, job readiness and career prep, entrepreneurship training for parent and child, academic enrichment, health and wellness and social activities. Activities are designed to reach and teach families effective life skills leaving a generational impact to support them as they return to permanent housing. It includes an after care component along with family coaching designed to provide linkages to effective resources and programming as families continue their journey toward self-sufficiency.

Financial Literacy

Participants are provided with tools and information designed to change behavior with and relationship with money to drastically reduce the rate and likelihood of recidivism of homelessness.

Self-Empowerment Workshops

Workshops expound on self- realization, destiny, life calling and purpose, life choices, identifying root cause of problems, taking responsibility, making good decisions, emotions, integrity, self- love etc.

Parent Empowerment

Parents are provide instruction on basic parenting skills, encouragement, can do, choices, self-control, and respecting feelings.

Job Readiness

Participants are provided an array of workforce development training, including resume preparation, interviewing skills, job search, negotiating the job offer and surviving your first 90 days on the job.


12 Week Entrepreneurial Training Program is designed to assist new and established entrepreneurs in increasing their knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurship. The program focuses on the business planning process through the development and/or improvement of business plans.

Children/Youth Programming

With our Children & Youth programming, we offer an array of age appropriate enrichment programs for children and teens that include after school tutorial, life skills training, mentoring, nutritional and physical wellness.